Mommy Doesn't Look Sick Launch

When mom is diagnosed with an invisible illness it is up to the family to learn how to deal with this together. This book is marketed for ages 5 - 10, however kids and adults of all ages can learn from it.


Christmas Con

New Jersey Expo Center Edison, NJ, United States

I will be at the Christmas Convention selling fun family activities and sharing information about my recently released debut book as well as my upcoming 2nd book. Come down and join me as we celebrate the holiday season with fun, laughter and cheer.

“Mommy Doesn’t Look Sick” book signing

Saint Mark Christian Academy Parking Lot Morningside near Montgomery Street, South River, NJ, United States

Gabby and Evy love to have fun with their parents, they do all sorts of activities. One day Mommy is diagnosed with an invisible illness, and it is hard for the children to understand that she is sick because she does not look sick. The children learn that while mom may be in the hospital sick it does not mean that she loves them any less. Together they learn to deal with Mom's new illness, and still enjoy the fun and games they did before she was in the hospital.

This is a good book to explain invisible illnesses to children. It is meant to be a conversation starter, giving them the opportunity to understand things that their loved ones are going through.